Master Sung Kon Kim

Master Instructor

  • Black Belt Grandmaster

  • 1984-1988 Master Instructor at Kim’s Martial Arts Academy in Chicago, IL

  • 1992-2023 Sung Kim Taekwondo Team Coach

  • 1992-2023 Master Instructor at Kim's Taekwondo in East Peoria, IL and Peoria, IL

  • 2006-2023 Private Lessons Instructor and Coach, specializing in youth development at Sung Kim Taekwondo in Peoria, IL

  • Believer in physical and emotional confidence instilled, with care, at an early age

Dr. Richard W. Kim

Associate Instructor, Curriculum Development

  • Black Belt, 4th Dan

  • Youth Taekwondo Instructor x 10 years at Kim's Taekwondo Schools

  • Competitive Martial Artist (former)

  • Started Taekwondo at age 3

  • Current Resident Physician and Post-Doctoral Fellow at at Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City

  • Trained at Blythedale Children's Hospital managing the medical and therapy regimens of pediatric patients

  • Beneficiary of supportive adult role-models and structured goal-oriented environments from a very early age